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Whatch out! They're pointy :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 12 7 Fabulous Papaya :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 12 15 Papythela! :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 8 8 Ink Space Cape :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 13 8 Felys, local summoning teacher 2 :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 6 8 Felys, local summoning teacher :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 4 8 Felys' Room :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 4 12 Kaito Bday! :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 16 8 Kairi KH1 :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 15 9 The Sky's Beautiful Down Here :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 12 37 Homemade Cookies :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 4 22 Felys :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 9 20 Run Run Run! :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 19 17 Just According To Keikaku :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 10 17 Athela is over :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 13 10 Asri Cosplay :icondeal-right:DeAl-Right 10 6


Pretty Athela :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 199 134 Akrav: Cage Ref Sheet :iconakrav-comic:Akrav-Comic 7 2 Underfell - Snowdin - 177 :iconkaitogirl:Kaitogirl 308 260 AKRAV: Night Walk :iconakrav-comic:Akrav-Comic 25 3 I've written several papers :iconzarla:zarla 2,918 421 One Eye :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 7,046 111 Found You :iconlunarwinglatias:LunarWingLatias 5 1 How dead inside are you :iconzarla:zarla 2,865 531 [AT] : Night of Fireflies :iconzue:Zue 41 12 Outertale Gaster :iconpineappleananas:PineappleAnanas 105 8 UT | Happy Anniversary Zephyrtop! :iconmyebi:Myebi 345 40 DMS | W i s e . J e l l y f i s h :iconmyebi:Myebi 368 44 Simple OC Meme Blank :iconyorei:yorei 4,341 524 Ghost In The Shell - 2 :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 2,807 48 Time Lord Citadel, Gallifrey [Doctor Who] :icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 59 5 Seffiron CE :icony-gabyt:Y-GabyT 77 5



Whatch out! They're pointy
Fanart I did for :iconkaitogirl: after reading this update! Jeez I got excited just by re-reading the update <3 I'll have to read the whole comic again~ 

As fun fact, this expression is inspired by ramflega's art, she was one of the first artists I started following on the internet and I love her art <3 the "original" expression would be this one , it's obviously not the same but I probably wouldn't have gotten the expression to look this good if it weren't for ram's art.
Fabulous Papaya

Have a very beautiful Paps (isn’t he always tho). 

This is a fanart I sent to :iconKaitoFirl: after reading this update a while ago~ (Also, pinkish colors fit fim real good, 10/10, if it weren't because I didn't get to make the red fit as well... c':)

Ref for the background from one of my favourite animes, Kaito's Paps is Tamaki's reincarnation and there's no saying otherwise.

I wanted to draw these two in a faster style than usual, and it came out surprisingly well! If I only were able to draw like this everytime lmao (it's obviously not perfect but I wanted to try and draw something in the span of an hour)

Also, yep, Athela's wearing has her hair in a panytail, it's all :iconkaitogirl:'s fault (low panytails are one of my weaknesses aaaaaa)

Athela's from Bloomtale, a fanfic written by Kaito! If you haven't read it I really recommend it, as well as some tissues, you know, just in case.
Ink Space Cape
After seeing  these very adorable doodles :iconmyebi: posted a while ago I wanted to try drawing Ink with the space cape. Learning how to draw folds is a work in progress but it was fun giving it a try. AND COLORING THAT CAPE asfsad I loved it, I have to find more excuses to draw space more often lmao I should also draw ink more often but I never get good ideas a a a a

Also, think of the background as the set of a theatre or... Something like that? Honestly, I just saw the hat and thought "ok he actually looks like a magician there, he only needs a dove now" and now there's a confused rowlet there.
Felys, local summoning teacher 2

The continuation of my attempt at drawing comic pages, starring Fellby. I'm way more pleased with the result of this page (the making of the fist one was... Messy at the least). Either way, hope you like it, someday I'll get my lazy ass to draw Felys backstory, someday c':

TrioBlasterSets AU (Fellby included) belongs to antarestyl and namekian maoh 

Felys is my evil creation


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